Meet Cyabra

Who We are

We’re a group of like-minded, analytical thinkers who are passionate about identifying and countering online disinformation in all its forms. Led by former information warfare and cyber security experts, Cyabra offers a unique approach to the war against disinformation. 

What We Do

A combination of “cyber” and “abracadabra,” Cyabra works with consumer brands, the public sector and media outlets to offer an AI-driven open source intelligence platform to detect fake accounts spreading disinformation and fake news. Cyabra breaks down the billions of online conversations in real time to provide a deeper understanding of what’s hidden behind these conversations.

How We Do It 

Cyabra’s SaaS platform uses its AI lens to expose disinformation and seperate the real from the fake. We do this by analyzing the billions of conversations taking place across the internet to unravel hidden insights. Our platform breaks through the layers of online content to pinpoint patterns, make connections, measure impact and detect authenticity. 

Why We Do It 

We created Cyabra to meet the very real and very immediate need of combating fake news and its influence. Over the past several years, we’ve seen the harmful effects of disinformation invading our daily online lives. Between the news, public figures and even corporations, disinformation campaigns can create significant damage before brands even have time to react. Our solution empowers global brands and media outlets to understand narratives, learn who’s speaking about them, discover trends and reach true audiences–all to make smarter, data-driven decisions.

What We Believe 

When it comes to values, our priorities are clear. Every day we strive to embody authenticity, social responsibility, innovation and customer service.

In a loud world filled with content overload and diverging messages, Cyabra believes in bringing authenticity to the digital realm, offering a lens of truth to filter through the noise. We enable companies to not only navigate the chatter around their brands, but also identify and weed out bad actors before they can make an impact. Our goal of keeping the internet safe and honest informs everything we do, developing tools to improve public discourse and informed media consumption, while holding the right entities accountable. We recognize that we are working to achieve that goal in a digital space that is always evolving. In turn, we work diligently, constantly innovating, to ensure that our platform remains two steps ahead of current technology. We understand that brands need to assess their perception in real time, so we are relentless in making sure they are in the position to anticipate disinformation buzz rather than deal with the aftermath. And finally, we are dedicated to serving our clients by listening and responding to their needs.

What’s Next 

Currently based in Israel, Cyabra is excited to begin expanding our reach across the globe, specifically with an office in the United States to continue best serving our American partners. Our team is always on the lookout for new talent with can-do attitudes.