About Us

Cyabra is a Social Search Engine

 Monitoring billions of interactions in real-time,
we understand online narratives, trends, and communities.

Cyabra provides actionable insights to stop the spread of disinformation and reach the real audience.

Uncover the Good, Bad, and Fake of Online Conversations

We are Backed by the Best

Our Values


 We believe in bringing authenticity to the digital realm, offering a lens of truth to filter through the noise.

Social Responsibility

We are committed to helping keep the internet safe and providing tools to improve public discourse.


As the digital realm evolves, we are constantly innovating to ensure that we remain two steps ahead of the current technology.

Customer Commitment

We are committed to serving our clients by listening and responding to their needs.

Our Founders


Dan Brahmy

Co-Founder and CEO


Yossef Daar

Co-Founder and CPO


Ido Shraga

Co-Founder and CTO

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We’re passionate. We’re creative. We’re a team.