About Us

Learn about Cyabra, our mission to shield the digital realm from misinformation, our innovative approaches, and our team!

Cyabra Uncovers the Good, Bad, and Fake Online

Disinformation spread by fake profiles is damaging brands, individuals, and societies.

Cyabra's AI is the only solution that uncovers malicious actors, bot networks, and GenAI content.

Our proactive alerts system protects against brand reputation risks, disinformation, and election threats.

Brands and public sector agencies trust Cyabra to monitor, uncover, and mitigate against emerging crises and attacks on social media.

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70th Secretary of State

Mike Pompeo

“Cyabra’s dedication to proactive, cutting-edge threat detection aligns perfectly… and I am excited to work with Cyabra as they provide a vital shield against nefarious manipulation efforts online.”

Our Values


We believe in bringing authenticity to the digital realm, offering a lens of truth to filter through the noise.


As the digital realm evolves, we are constantly innovating to ensure that we remain two steps ahead of the current technology.

Social Responsibility

We are committed to helping keep the internet safe and providing tools to improve public discourse.

Customer Commitment

We are committed to serving our clients by listening and responding to their needs.

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