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Cyabra is leading the fight against disinformation. Our AI shields companies and the public sector by uncovering malicious actors, bot networks, and GenAI content.

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Sleep easy with real-time 24/7 alerts, proactively informing you of attacks and crises as they occur.


Identify disinformation bot networks and reputation attacks across social media platforms.


Proactively disrupt online threats, respond quickly, and mitigate against fake campaigns.

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Bots Attacks &
Fake Campaigns

“By 2028, enterprise spend on battling malinformation will surpass $30 billion, cannibalizing 10% of marketing and cybersecurity budgets to combat a multifront threat.”

- Gartner

Planet Fitness

The negative campaign was initiated by fake profiles


Trend: misinformation reached 731 million views


22% of the profiles discussing the stock drop on X are fake


30% of profiles using this hashtag on Facebook are fake



Disinformation spread by fake profiles on social media is damaging the reputation of brands. Cyabra's AI is the only solution that uncovers the fake accounts and GenAI content that fuels dis- and misinformation campaigns.

Bad actors, in their efforts to control public discourse, have weaponized social media to spread disinformation. Cyabra's AI is the only solution that uncovers malicious actors, bot networks, and GenAI content.


Social media is the new attack surface and the fastest-growing arena for malicious actors. Cyabra's AI is the only solution that uncovers malicious actors, bot networks, and GenAI content.

Trusted By

Vincent O’Brien

Foreign Service Officer, US State Department

Large audiences provide a large opportunity for nefarious actors to use it as a hook to either push new types of disinformation narratives or to connect long-standing disinformation narratives to exploit this new opportunity. Cyabra has really done a good job at identifying the information and just presenting it to you in a way that you can best make a decision.

Jonny Bentwood

Global President, Data & Analytics, Golin

Disinformation campaigns can quickly damage brands, causing harm to their reputation. Cyabra's AI-powered platform helps us stay ahead of these threats, giving clients the insights they need to act swiftly and decisively.

Todd Grossman

Former Talkwalker CEO of Americas

Whereas social media listening tools address mentions and sentiment, Cyabra goes deeper, analyzing the profiles involved in the discourse, exposing bots, and uncovering fake campaigns. Cyabra's technology helps companies detect attacks against their brand, respond in real-time, and defend themselves online.

Drew Himmelreich

Manager of Social Insights & Technology, Warner Media

Around the launch of Wonder Woman 1984 (WW84) we wanted to map out enthusiastic conversations and voices. Cyabra helped us analyze the social discourse around the movie and DC Comics fandom online. Once we were able to identify the most passionate influencers and communities, our theatrical marketing team was better equipped to magnify our social presence.

Tzahi Gavrieli

CEO at Rep-Shield

While working with a few multinational clients, we’ve encountered a complex and overwhelming high-volume social activity all over the internet. Not only did Cyabra gather all the data, but the system and friendly-to-use interface enabled us to make sense of it all and have far-reaching conclusions essential for our clients and their online and offline presence


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