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The Bot Primary
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APnews Elections
Tweet, tweet, boom
Fake Twitter accounts denying election surged in Brazil, analysis finds
Assaf Danby in Conversation with Noa Gadot
Picture of Chinese protests with the Associated Press logo
AP Image of people at voting machines
Chritopher Salas from Hearst
Misinformation Mitigation
Washington Post Image
photo of Elon Musk with AP Logo imposed
Musk v. Twitter: Read CNN's Article on Cyabra’s Analysis
CNN recently covered Cyabra’s involvement in the Musk v. Twitter case. The following article addresses...
Misinformation played a huge role in Brazil’s 2018 election
Spot Disinformation Around Russia And Ukraine
Elon Musk may never be able to kick bots off Twitter
As Twitter Doubles Down
Twitter banned the Proud Boys, but they're still there
We really are trying to make the world a more transparent and genuine place
Fake accounts on Twitter comprise over 13%, says Israeli tech startup
Musk’s Questions About Twitter Bot Problem Spur Race for Answer
Joe Rogan Weighs In on Johnny Depp, Amber Heard Bot Claims
What’s Really Driving the Memeing of the Johnny Depp–Amber Heard Trial?
Johnny Depp v
How brands can be at the forefront of the fight against misinformation online
YouTube creators are pivoting their videos to Depp v
What is the number of fake accounts and bots on Twitter_ Elon Musk has put his purchase on hold (Spanish)
Researchers believe Twitter is downplaying spread of fake accounts on its platform
Do spam bots really comprise under 5% of Twitter users_ Elon Musk wants to know
Are Johnny and Amber's Stans for Real?
joerogan- I’m surprised it’s only 11%
Russian 'Sock Puppets' Spreading Misinformation On Social Media About Ukraine
War via TikTok- Russia’s new tool for propaganda machine
TikTok is Russia's newest weapon in arsenal for anti-Ukraine propaganda
Cyberattacks overload Ukrainian government and financial-institution servers amid wave of disinformation
Israeli cyber-sleuths hunt down fake news peddlers
Elon Musk's 'Baby Shark' tweet sends shares in the iconic song's investor up 10%
Disinformation And Your Startup’s IPO- Why You Should Care
Basic Tips to Help PR Pros Combat Disinformation
Here's what 9 experts said about why Dogecoin is the new star of the crypto market - and it's not just the Musk effect
COVID-19 pandemic leaves the healthcare industry a target for fake news
Combatting Disinformation_ Why Your Brand Needs to Understand Its Audience
Here's what 9 experts said about why Dogecoin is the new star of the crypto market - and it's not just the Musk effect
Frigid Texas Weather Is Providing Real-Time Crisis Management Lessons
Detecting Disinformation as Part of Your PR Strategy
China tweet that enraged Australia propelled by 'unusual' accounts, say experts
From Israel to the U.S
Israeli Military Vets Declare War on Deepfake Technology and Disinformation
Cyabra identifies sources of disinformation and protects global brands
Cyabra Launches New Era In Fight Against Disinformation And Deepfakes
Deepfake used to attack activist couple shows new disinformation frontier
The technology that could save us from deepfake videos

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