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Cyabra protects the public by uncovering online national security threats and disinformation.

Cyabra’s depth of insights and data uncovers inauthentic profiles, breaks down narratives, analyzes snowballs, detects GenAI content, and identifies audiences.

Cyabra’s breadth of social media coverage is unparalleled and includes Facebook, Tiktok, X (Twitter), and news sites. 

Uncover risks, attacks, and malicious actors on social media. 

Foreign Influence

Uncover and take down individuals and communities manipulating the conversation.

Disinformation Analysis

Identify and report inauthentic spreaders and understand the impact of fake campaigns.

Adversarial Threat

Stop foreign bad actors from sowing mistrust and affecting public opinion.

Elections Monitoring

Safeguard local and national elections from foreign and domestic influence.

Civil Unrest

Uncover arising protests and key leaders fuelling online rage and hate. 

Propaganda and Fake News

Stop bad actors using social engineering tactics from impacting public discourse. 

Protest Monitoring

Track ongoing protests as they escalate to support law enforcement effectiveness. 

Illegal Online Activity

Uncover gang activity, illegal drug trades, and cyber predators.

Extremism and Radicalism

Detect dangerous individuals, rising instability, and gun violence threats.


Fake Account Take Downs

Psy-Ops Analysis & mitigation

Map communities

Identify Behavioural Patterns

Uncover Key Leaders and Bad Actors


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