Are The Proud Boys Back in Our Lives?
The American far-right extremist organization has been banned from social media following the January...
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Fighting Climate Change is Fighting Misinformation
Cyabra analyzed online conversations discussing climate change in the month preceding World Nature Conservation...
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Roe v. Wade: One Decision, Infinite Disinformation
Cyabra’s analysis detected a rise in abortion disinformation on social networks following Roe v. Wade....
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Nato image
Three Days in Madrid, Two Weeks of Rising Protest: The NATO summit
Thirty European and North American leaders gathered in June in Madrid for a special summit of NATO (the...
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It’s Not About The Flag: Brands Attacked For Rainbow Washing
If you live in any major western city during June, aka Pride Month, you’re probably well accustomed to...
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Public Sector Protection: GSA Greenlights Cyabra Deployment for U.S. Agencies
Fighting disinformation has become a matter of national interest. Look no further than the COVID-19 pandemic:...
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Disrupting Disinformation: Cyabra & Lew’Lara\TBWA Announce Social Monitoring Partnership
  Brazilian PR agency Lew’Lara\TBWA is known for representing brands that disrupt the creative space. ...
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Social Media Narratives Impact on Moving Markets
Brokerage firms are one of the few broad classes of organizations that have yet to prioritize social...
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#BoycottSephora: A Case Study
How a Brand’s Image can be Destroyed in Seconds On January 29, makeup influencer Amanda Ensing shared...
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Vaccine Disinformation- What Does it Really Mean?
Vaccine Disinformation- What Does it Really Mean? As the world begins to deploy COVID-19 vaccinations,...
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Social Dilemma
Fake news spread on social media does real harm to our divided society | Opinion
By Scott Mortman, Senior Advisor at Cyabra When President Trump announced on social media that he had...
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