Cyabra is One of Wired’s Top 100 Startups

Cyabra is honored to have been selected as one of Wired magazine‘s top 100 startups.

Each year, Wired magazine compiles a list of the hottest startups in Europe and other regions, showcasing innovative companies across various industries, including tech, health, finance, and more. The list highlights the most promising companies that are expected to shape the future of their respective sectors.

About Cyabra’s Endorsement  

Wired writes: 

This five-year-old startup uses machine learning to distinguish between genuine social media users and bots, trolls, or sock puppets operating with fake identities. “We are the watchdog for truth and trustworthiness on social media,” says Dan Brahmy, the CEO who co-founded the company alongside Yossef Daar and Ido Shraga. The potential for ChatGPT to flood the internet with AI-generated content only makes this mission more urgent, he adds. So far, it has raised $9 million from VC OurCrowd, as well as from Tel Aviv University’s venture fund.
(Wired Magazine)


About Wired Magazine:

WIRED is a digital publication focused on how emerging technologies affect culture, the economy, and politics. Launched in 1993 in San Francisco, Wired covers a broad range of topics, including tech, science, business, and lifestyle, emphasizing future trends and innovations. Known for its in-depth articles and unique design, WIRED is part of Condé Nast and offers content through various mediums, including print, online, podcasts, and live events.


Wired’s Recognition of Tel Aviv Startups:

Tel Aviv claims the fifth-highest number of unicorns. But because their home market is small, Israeli startups often have one foot overseas. “It used to be a trend where the management would very quickly move to the US if a company became successful,” says Nir Zohar, chief operating officer and president at website builder Wix. The decision by Wix to remain in Israel as it grew was unusual in the early 2000s. “That trend has changed, with Wix and other companies proving that you can build a big, global business from Israel.”



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