Misinformation Monthly – February 2023

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Travel agencies warn of scammers impersonating their staff, offering part-time roles

“On its website, Chan Brothers Travel warned its customers about this new scam, adding that scammers approach potential victims over text message or WhatsApp, and claiming that they represent the agency.”



British Cyber Agency Warns of Russian and Iranian Hackers Targeting Key Industries

“The attacks are not aimed at the general public but targets in specified sectors, including academia, defense, government organizations, NGOs, think tanks, as well as politicians, journalists and activists,” the NCSC said.



Why #DiedSuddenly Won’t Die Out, Part 2: The Global Faces of Movie Viewership

“Among the #DiedSuddenly crowd who Cyabra identified as authentic, NOW Affinio studied 3,981 profiles who formed 5 interest-based clusters: American Conservatives, Brits for Human Rights, Canadian Freedom Seekers, Dutch Politics and Unmasked.” 



Russia in Africa: How disinformation operations target the continent

“A large social network that promotes anti-Western and pro-Kremlin ideas is helping Russia expand its influence at the expense of France in some of its former colonies in Africa. “Russian flags were waved at protests in Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Chad, and that is in part due to pro-Russian info-ops,” (Beverly Ochieng, BBC Monitoring)”



Social media scammers posing as ATO workers stealing personal details and money

“The scam begins with the bogus accounts scanning public comments and conversations on social media where taxpayers ask questions or make a complaint about the ATO. The phoney account then replies, or sends a direct message, offering to help resolve the taxpayer’s complaint or follow up on their question.”




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