Misinformation Monthly – September 2022 

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Google releases details on how it will combat misinformation in advance of midterm elections

Google is preparing for a wave of misinformation surrounding the US midterm elections by elevating trustworthy information and displaying it more prominently across services including search and YouTube.

September 1, 2022



New breed of video sites thrive on misinformation and hate

“Video sites BitChute and Odysee boom as YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook tighten rules to combat disinformation and hate speech.”

August 28, 2022



Republicans are increasingly sharing misinformation, research finds

“Republican candidates have dramatically increased how much they share from unreliable sources in just two years.”

August 29, 2022



Researchers find new strategy to fight misinformation

“International researchers and experts at Google are working on a way to prevent false information about Ukrainian refugees from spreading in Eastern Europe. They call their effort “pre-bunking”.”

August 27, 2022



Twitter labeled factual information about covid-19 as misinformation

“Over the past week, Twitter has flagged dozens of tweets with factual information about covid-19 as misinformation and in some cases has suspended the accounts of doctors, scientists, and patient advocates in response to their posts warning people about the illness’s dangers.” 

August 25, 2022



Can a YouTube ad change your mind about disinformation?

“Prebunking” false information with short videos could nudge people to be more critical of it, suggests a new study from researchers at the University of Cambridge and Google’s Jigsaw division.”

August 24, 2022



Google to roll out anti-disinformation campaign in some EU countries

“Working with Jigsaw, the psychologists from the universities of Cambridge and Bristol have produced 90-second clips designed to “inoculate” people against harmful content on social media.”

August 25, 2022



5 ways to fight misinformation on your social feed

August 26, 2022



Fact vs. fiction: kremlin disinformation about international sanctions

“a new study from Yale provides data directly contradicting the false narrative the Kremlin has spread about the state of Russia’s economy.”

August 22, 2022

US Dept. of State


News stories have caught spiders in a web of misinformation
“The errors probably contribute to the animals’ undeserved bad reputation. An analysis of a decade’s worth of newspaper stories from dozens of countries finds that nearly half of the reports (regarding spiders) contain errors.” 

August 22, 2022



Disinformation messaging shifting to food shortages

“Network Contagion Research Institute found that Russian disinformation actors and online conspiracy communities like QAnon are shifting their focus from anti-COVID vaccines to the looming food crisis.”

August 22, 2022



Mercury project to boost covid-19 vaccination rates and counter public health mis- and disinformation in 17 countries worldwide

“The Social Science Research Council is providing USD 7.2 million to 12 teams advancing ambitious, applied social and behavioral science to combat the growing global threat posed by low Covid-19 vaccination rates and public health mis- and disinformation.”

August 23, 2022


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