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Cyabra Helped Warner Media Understand the Online Behavior of Communities, Discover New Customers, and Protect True and Authentic Online Discourse

Wonder Woman 1984 (“WW84”) was criticized even before it was released. Cyabra helped Warner Media separate the real from the fake, find and amplify the enthusiastic influencers, and make more with their marketing budget. Cyabra also uncovered that much of the criticism was driven by fake accounts.

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Drew Himmelreich

Manager of Social Insights & Technology, Warner Media

“Around the launch of Wonder Woman 1984 (WW84) we wanted to map out enthusiastic conversations and voices. Cyabra helped us analyze the social discourse around the movie and DC Comics fandom online. Once we were able to identify the most passionate influencers and communities, our theatrical marketing team was better equipped to magnify our social presence.”

The Challenge

In advance of the release of Wonder Woman 1984 (“WW84”), WarnerMedia set Cyabra a challenge:

  • Help WarnerMedia build excitement for the film by identifying the genres biggest fans and also surface other social media users who might enjoy WW84.

  • Identify negative sentiment and establish how much of the conversation was driven by inauthentic profiles.

The Solutions

Focusing Marketing Efforts & Budget on Real Profiles Cyabra scanned almost 280K profiles that discussed WW84 on social media, before and after the movie’s release. Much of the sharp increase in negative sentiment was aimed towards the film’s star, actress Gal Gadot. Cyabra identified a community of over 25K fake profiles that represented a potential threat to Warner Media’s brand reputation, and could then be reported and removed.

Cyabra also identified the enthusiastic influencers and community leaders on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, helping Warner Media focus their marketing efforts on the authentic voices and communities to grow their digital footprint and market share online.

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