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Consumer Brands

Do you know who’s talking about you across every social platform?
Are you familiar with the influencers who take interest in your brand?
Do you know which of the profiles in your community is fake?

Uncover The Good, Bad & Fake in Social Conversations

Conversations Analysis

Analyze conversations, determine the authenticity, and identify sources of influence.

Measure Impact

Receive actionable insights and predict future threats to your brand. Understand the Snowball effect.

Community Mapping

Map the spread of content using sentiment analysis to determine connections between influencers and trending topics.

Agencies & Partnership

How good is your client’s image on social media?
Can you offer your clients real time social listening on all social platforms?
Are you aware of the fake profiles trying to harm your client?

Proactively Monitor Your Clients’ Reputation

Misinformation Detection

Detect misinformation in real-time to protect your clients’ brand reputation.

Crisis Management

Protect your clients’ brand health by understanding political and trend shifts, as well as brand mentions.

Social media Analysis

Service clients with in-depth, competitive, cross-platform analysis, and help them turbocharge their own campaigns.

Public Sector

Public opinion is influenced by disinformation and misinformation.
Bad actors are taking control of the conversation.
Election meddling might be just the start of this new threat.

We Can Uncover The Truth.

Disinformation Detection

Identify behavioral patterns typical of fakes profiles such as bots, trolls and sockpuppets.

Uncover Fake Campaign

Track and analyze the dissemination of disinformation or misinformation. Measure how it spreads and creates snowball effect. Be proactive and respond in real time.


Our AI analyzes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Tiktok, Telegram, Reddit, Vkontakte, and many more.

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