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Consumer Brands

Social media is being manipulated by bad actors, damaging the reputations of brands and individuals, spreading fake news and consumer hate.

We measure authenticity, sentiment, and impact across all media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

By understanding online narratives, trends, and communities, Cyabra provides actionable insights to stop the spread of disinformation and reach the real audience.

Monitor Discourse

Monitor results in real time and find the most relevant and impactful insights using advanced AI-powered sentiment analysis.

Map Customers’ Communities

Understand your customers’ communities and map the spread of content to determine connections between influencers and trending topics.

Authenticate Content

Analyze conversations, determine the authenticity, and identify sources of influence.

Public Sector

Social media is being weaponized by bots and trolls.

Bad actors, in their efforts to control public discourse and spread fake news, are becoming more intelligent and finding new ways to create
harmful online campaigns.

 Cyabra’s AI platform provides the public sector with the means to protect the public by uncovering online national security threats.

Locate the Source

Identify behavioral patterns typical of fake profiles such as bots, trolls or sock puppets, find the leaders and uncover fake campaigns.


Our AI analyzes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Tiktok, Telegram, Reddit, Vkontakte, and many more.

Map Communities and Connections

Connect the invisible dots and navigate the forming clusters of both real and fake users across platforms.

Cyabra is Trusted by National Security, Intelligence,
and Law Enforcement Organizations around the World


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