Discover Who is Really Talking About You

Consumer Brands

Consumer opinions are increasing and their passions intensifying.
Audiences are being influenced and trends are evolving.

Your brand needs more than listening.

Authenticate Conversations

Determine the authenticity of conversations and identify sources of influence.

Snowball Analysis

Map the spread of content to understand the impact and snowball effect of influential authors.


Discover influencers, trending topics and consumer interests so you can be a part of the conversation.


Today’s competition in the PR and marketing industry is tough. You need a competitive edge.

Cyabra’s unique insights set you apart.

Misinformation Detection

Detect misinformation in real-time to protect your clients’ brand reputation.

Crisis Management

Protect your clients’ brand health by understanding political and trend shifts, as well as brand mentions.

Campaign Analysis

Service clients with in-depth, competitive analysis and help them turbocharge their own campaigns.

Public Sector

Public opinion is under constant attack. Foreign influence,
campaign manipulation, and election meddling are just a few examples
of threats facing the public.

We can help.

Disinformation Detection

Identify behavioral patterns typical of fakes profiles such as bots, trolls and sockpuppets.


Our algorithms detect Generative Adversarial Networks (GAN)- a class of machine learning bad actors use to create realistic images and videos.

Campaign Analysis

Track and analyze the dissemination of information, measuring how it spreads and creates snowball effects.

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