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Latvia, Ukraine, and the Challenges of Disinformation – a Talk From Cyabra

Cyabra’s VP of global sales, Assaf Danby, spoke at Improvate Defense and Cyber conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, in October 2022.

Assaf discussed Cyabra’s work and the dangers of disinformation and misinformation. The talk also addressed the challenge of elections affected by the ever-growing presence of trolls, bots, sock puppets, and other foreign influences. Creating a fake account has become so simple that it can be done by practically anyone. Cyabra’s mission is to detect disinformation campaigns, and uncover the good, bad and fake of social media.

Assaf also discussed Cyabra’s methods, its NLP model and ability to identify fake profiles and communities, and demonstrated those methods through an analysis of the China-Taiwan conflict, and an analysis of the Latvian elections.

Watch the talk now in the following video:

(Please note the talk starts at 01:52).