The Invisible Threat: Protect Yourself From the New Disinformation Tactics – Cyabra’s Virtual Event

Recording from our live virtual event (December 7, 2022)

About this event:

Stay ahead of the curve with Cyabra’s webinar on the disinformation tactics having an impact in 2022.

What do you think about when you hear the word “disinformation”? Is it election fraud? An international crisis? War? Global warming? Huge brands plummeting in the stock market?

Yes, disinformation can be part of all those events. But it also influences our everyday life. From what we buy, how we think, and yes, who we vote for We are regularly exposed to disinformation, now more than ever.

In this upcoming virtual event, we invite you to hear from Cyabra’s CEO to learn about the newest tactics employed by disinformation spreaders and how brands and the public sector alike can stay ahead of the evolving threat.

You will learn:

The tactics and trends that have emerged in 2022
This year’s biggest disinformation topics, from Ukraine to Johnny Depp
How to uncover disinformation spreaders
Hosted by Rafi Mendelsohn, VP, Cyabra

With Dan Brahmy, CEO & Co-Founder