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Cyabra provides actionable insights and real-time alerts to protect your company from online attacks that are damaging brand reputations, attracting consumer hate, or spreading fake news.

Cyabra measures sentiment, impact and authenticity across all media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and X (Twitter).

Cyabra’s depth of insights and data breaks down narratives, analyzes snowballs and trends, identifies audiences and communities, detects GenAI content, and uncovers inauthentic profiles.

Uncover the good, bad, and fake online.

Brand Reputation

Monitor your brand, analyze online conversations, and improve decision-making with actionable insights.

PR & Crisis Management

Protect your brand and detect any change in sentiment or conversation, using real-time always-on alerts. 

Consumer Insights

Stay ahead of the curve with a better understanding of what your audience thinks and feels, and identify the next trends relevant for your products or company. 

Discover New Customers

Identify the leaders, influencers, and communities you’ve been missing, and detect the authentic profiles.

Competitive Analysis

Benchmark yourself against competitors’ brand presence and social performance. 


Social Monitoring

Identify Trends

Track Brand Mentions

Understand Consumer Sentiment 

Partner with Relevant Influencers

Engage the most Relevant Audience

Maximize your Social Reach

Control Potential Brand Damage

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Cyabra partners with MSSPs, SOC-as-a-Service, and Threat Intel companies. Contact us to learn more.