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Cyabra uncovers threats to companies, products, people and places on social platforms, by exposing and reporting malicious actors, disinformation, GenAI content, and bot networks.

Integrating seamlessly into your systems, Cyabra’s breadth of OSINT coverage is unparalleled, and includes Facebook, TikTok, X (Twitter), news sites, the cybercrime underground, and more.

Cyabra also provides actionable insights, real-time alerts and advanced mitigation.

Defend yourself against tomorrow’s attacks.

Social Risk Analysis

Uncover and mitigate against economic, geopolitical, and societal threats to your company.

Event & Venue Risk Assessment 

Monitor your physical assets to understand and mitigate against the dangers emanating from online conversations.

Executive Protection

Protect your executives from emerging threats, online hatred, and exposure of sensitive data and take down the source.


Identify harmful inauthentic accounts impersonating your people or brands and take them down.

Insider Threat

Detect and stop disgruntled or radicalized employees, or other entities affiliated with your company.

Social Phishing

Stop and report malicious actors from stealing sensitive data via social media platforms.

Leaked Information

Uncover sensitive information spreading online, track its exposure and take down the source.

Fake Campaigns

Detect emerging campaigns & hashtags, and report fake profiles targeting your company.

Influence Operations

Uncover coordinated communities seeking to harm your brand using social engineering tactics, and take them down.


Protect your company by mitigating against bad actors spreading disinformation.


24/7 Intelligence Feed

Harmful Sentiment Detection

Report and Take Down Malicious Actors

Analyze Bot Network Behavior

Real-Time Monitoring

Proactively Flag and Report Threat Actors

Uncover Impostors & Social Engineering Schemes

Detect Gen-AI Text & Images

Identify Inauthentic Actors

Contextualize Cross Platform Proliferation

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Cyabra partners with MSSPs, SOC-as-a-Service, and Threat Intel companies. Contact us to learn more.