Misinformation Monthly – November 2022 

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Pro-Qatar World Cup social media posts pumped out by ‘bot farm’ in Bangladesh, analysts say

“Analysts discovered 69 ‘inauthentic accounts’ on Facebook and Twitter in Bangladesh, with 18 concentrated in a suspected network in the capital of Dhaka. These accounts were found to be sharing positive posts about the World Cup tournament, with some expressing support for teams which they claimed chose not to protest Qatar’s poor human rights record.”

November 25, 2022



Great Wall of porn obscures China protest news on Twitter

“Search any major Chinese city on Twitter, and you will see a cascade of spam tweets showing porn, escort services and gambling content that are published every few seconds, making it impossible to get any legitimate results. The bot content on Twitter, which is thought to be government-connected, makes it even harder for Chinese citizens to organize demonstrations.”

November 23, 2022



4 lies about the Inflation Reduction Act — and how we can fight them

“Misinformation about climate change is increasing, and it’s slipperier than ever. It’s become such a serious threat to the public support needed to solve the climate crisis that the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change called misinformation a threat to climate action for the first time this year.”

November 23, 2022



The Art of Hitting Disinformation Where It Lives

“Combating fake news with facts doesn’t work because humans are wired for emotion. It’s time for more creative tactics. At this level, we need less policy thinking and more design. We don’t need military minds; we need creative minds. Tamers, Larpers, musicians, comedians, painters, filmmakers, dreamers, activists, and so many more must join forces with the other missing link—psychologists, sociologists, and anthropologists.”

October 22, 2022



6 Podcasts About the Perils of Misinformation

“These six podcasts dig into the psychology behind conspiracy theories, online radicalization and moral panics, and lay bare just how dangerous a lie can be once it spreads.”

November 22, 2022



Mishaps, distrust spur Election Day misinformation

“Voters casting ballots in Tuesday’s pivotal midterms grappled with misleading claims about glitchy election machines and delayed results, the final crest of a wave of misinformation that’s expected to linger long after the last votes are tallied.”

November 9, 2022



California’s covid misinformation bill just dropped. And it’s dividing doctors.

A COVID-19 misinformation bill in California, AB 2098, is sparking controversy among doctors. Just passed, the bill will open legal pathways against healthcare workers that spread misinformation to their patients about COVID-19.

October 27, 2022


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