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Misinformation Monthly – November 2023

Each month, our experts at Cyabra list some of the interesting articles, items, essays and stories they’ve read this month. Come back every month for the current misinformation, disinformation, and social threat intelligence news.   KPMG Lodges Complaint After AI–Generated Material Was Used to Implicate Them in Non–existent Scandals “A group of academics has apologised to the big four consultancy firms after their submission to an inquiry contained […]

Bin Laden’s Bot Army: “Letter to America” Fake Spreaders

The Beginning of the Trend – and the Forced Ending It’s been over two decades since Osama bin Laden, the Al-Qaeda leader responsible for 9/11, delivered his “Letter to America” manifest, trying to justify the worst terrorist attack in human history.  The Hashtag #LettertoAmerica, however, started trending mid-November 2023, when a few TikTokers read the […]

Three Examples of GenAI Used for Disinformation

AI-generated texts and images unintentionally offer great value and great opportunities for bad actors online. With one single click, they can create millions of texts, images, videos (Deepfake and others) that could help them promote and leverage any agenda.  This blog post will show three different times GenAI has been used to spread disinformation and […]

Chinese Bots Infiltrate Taiwanese Election Discourse 

The presidential elections in Taiwan (officially the Republic of China) will be held on 13 January 2024. The two leading candidates are Hou Yu-ih and Lai Ching-te. Hou, the current Mayor of New Taipei, is nominated for the presidency by the Kuomintang Party (KMT) which is considered pro-China in its agenda, advocating to promote closer […]

GenAI: A Weapon of Mass Disinformation

This blog post explores the 5 different ways in which bad actors utilize GenAI to make disinformation spread more easily and effectively, and explains why, with the help of GenAI, fake news and propaganda have become more detailed, layered and credible-looking.   1. GenAI Helps Create Bots That Look Authentic  Even before GenAI came into […]