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Journalists, Watch Out for Impersonators

Did you hear about the Ticketmaster customer care impersonation? What about the 165 fake profiles impersonating Bank Negara? Other major companies like American Express and Bank of America have also been impersonated on social media in recent months. Impersonations pose a significant threat in today’s digital landscape. Malicious actors can easily create fake profiles and […]

Amplified Intelligence: Cyabra’s Platform Updates

Cyabra’s platform has the ability to scan dozens of social media platforms, analyze profiles, posts, communities, hashtags and phrases, and present the data as clear, actionable insights. We use behavioral patterns to identify fake profiles spreading disinformation or harmful narratives, track the sources, measure the reach, and uncover its effect.  Cyabra is constantly working to […]

Misinformation Monthly – June 2023

Each month, our experts at Cyabra list some of the interesting articles, items, essays and stories they’ve read this month. Come back every month for the current misinformation, disinformation, and social threat intelligence news.   Tech layoffs ravage the teams that fight online misinformation and hate speech “Meta, Amazon, Alphabet and Twitter have all drastically […]

Hacking as a Service (HaaS) Threatens Online Trading Platforms

Cyabra uncovered 84 profiles promoting hacking services for hire on Twitter, offering to recover lost accounts on digital trading platforms. Those hacking services, advertised in plain sight on social media, are not only a threat to customers’ data safety: they’re also a risk to the E-Trading platforms themselves, to their security and reputation.  Three years […]

Banks are the Bad Actors’ Next Target

The finance world has been subjected to various fraud and abuse threats on social media. Those threats can cause financial loss, damage to reputation, and legal consequences. If you work in any large financial institution – banks, credit companies, or investment funds, here are three major concerns you should be aware of, threatening the finance […]

Fake News, Real War: the Disinformation Frontline

As disinformation has been part of our lives for so long, once in a while it’s important we take a step back from the mountains of research and theories, take a look at the key players involved in what has become the cold war of the 21st century, and understand who’s winning the fight at […]